Gemini: A New AI Assistant for Android

Gemini: A New AI Assistant for Android, Replacing Google Assistant

Google’s Bard AI has been rebranded as Gemini, introducing an app for Android users. While Gemini offers upgrades, it comes with a trade-off: it disables Google Assistant.

Upon signing up for Gemini, the app automatically replaces Google Assistant as your digital companion. Despite its advanced capabilities, Gemini still relies on Google Assistant for certain tasks and offers a slower response time.

This switch suggests a gradual phasing out of Google Assistant. While Gemini shows promise, it’s not yet a fully functional replacement. For users satisfied with Google Assistant, the switch is not recommended.

However, Gemini can be accessed on the mobile web, offering access to its features without the app. As Gemini develops, it has the potential to enhance the AI assistant experience, but for now, Google Assistant remains the more reliable option.

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