The Apple Vision Pro: Users face headaches,they return the Apple Vision pro !

The Apple Vision Pro: Users Face Headaches, Limited Use, and Initiate Returns

Early Adopters Express Disappointment with $3,500 Headset

Less than two weeks after its launch, Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro mixed reality headset is already facing an unexpected hurdle: returns from dissatisfied users. Customers are citing issues with comfort, limited use cases, and even headaches as reasons for sending the $3,500 device back.

Headaches and Discomfort: Some users report experiencing headaches and motion sickness after using the Vision Pro for short periods, a common complaint with VR and AR headsets. While Apple warns of these potential side effects, some users claim they haven’t faced such issues with other headsets.


Apple Vision Pro Users Face Headaches, Limited Use, and Early Returns: Is the Future of Computing Stuttering?

Limited Functionality: Another critique centers on the lack of dedicated apps for the Vision Pro. While the headset boasts augmented reality (AR) capabilities, the absence of compelling content is leaving some users feeling the device lacks practicality. One tech executive said he returned the Vision Pro after finding its immersive work experience “not good enough” to justify the cost.

Early Returns: A poll conducted by Apple news site Cult of Mac suggests this may be a more widespread issue. Nearly half of respondents (45%) planned to return their Vision Pro, highlighting potential concerns about the device’s value proposition.

Apple’s Response: Apple maintains its 14-day return policy, allowing launch-day buyers until February 16th to get a full refund. The company hasn’t commented on the return rate or addressed user concerns publicly.

Uncertain Future: While it’s still early days, these initial impressions could impact the Vision Pro’s long-term success. Addressing issues like comfort, app availability, and user experience will be crucial for Apple to convince consumers that its high-priced headset delivers on its promise of “a new era for computing.

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